• Author: HIvX7JxL

What are you jamming to these days? Have any of your favorite artists fought back against COVID-induced ennui to actually drop some new shit? I'm still playing Jeff Rosenstock's No Dream which dropped last May and it makes up about 1/4 of the new tracks released during COVID that I like.


  • Author: 2rIFEx+x

The album du jour here is VENEN from Akatsuki Records (very solid pop-rock pieces with a super unique vocalist), as well as Touhou Jihen's Escape From West (tr4. Uncaught is godly).

Unfortunately most of the groups I like (that are based in japan) don't release their music digitally, and obviously importing CDs became hellishly expensive due to COVID... so I've been stuck sailing the high seas until the world fully opens up again ;-;