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New Eminem Album dropped yesterday w/o any warning; what do you think about Eminem?


  • Author: cccI0bSp

I used to listen to Eminem when I was a kid/teenager in the late '90s and early '00s. Didn't really keep my interest with him since I'm not exactly drawn to rap music in the first place. But his early works were good regardless if you're into rap per se or not. Anyways, I'll leave you with this masterpiece.
Mystic Eminem Zone


  • Author: xN54zbAB

He was imperative to white mcs not being treated like a complete joke(vanilla ice) or as a novelty thing(house of pain), at least in the mainstream, the underground never cared as a matter of fact they would look for more white mcs because they were usually pretty good, but on the mainstream eye, yea whiteboi rapping about battle raps, his girlfriend and pills would never be a accepted (mainstream) thing without him.

His music is all right/meh with some gems.


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