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Have you discovered any new music so far this January?
[ - Mind Freeze (2020)]
Here's a cool album I just recently came across.


Sorry for the mishap with my link in the first post. Here's a fix.
Haunt - Mind Freeze (2020)


I'm currently listening to some Dark Synthwave that I haven't listened to before. Crime City Nights - Cyberpunk / Dark Synthwave


Haunt - If Icarus Could Fly (2019)
Going back and listening to Haunt's other albums. Great band. I highly recommend for those who like the genre.


One of my favorite albums of the last decade. Kitchen People - Trendoid


I just came across this YouTube channel "Dominic Ninmark" that has some awesome game Eurobeat mixes that I'm really digging


I started this up after I had posted ITT. Definitely have to say that I'm enjoying it so far in, I'm really loving how much good music I've been coming across in the last couple of months.


Recently listened to The Residents - Eskimo which is a pretty weird but also really interesting and atmospheric album. I haven't watched the dvd version or read the stories that go along with it yet, but I like the concept.
I also recently found out about the artist Blanck Mass who makes pretty cool Electro-Industrial music. My recent favorite track of his is this one.


I really liked that track by Blanck Mass.
I'm halfway through the "The Residents - Eskimo", I seriously feel like I'm experiencing some type of trip right now. This is seriously wild. I can only imagine if I were actually high right now.


That album is sick. Anti always posts great stuff.
Here's some punk that I liked from last year. I like this new garage-synth punk stuff.
Powerplant - People In The Sun
GEE TEE - Chromo Zone


Just listened to both, not bad. I'm going to have to find some more in this genre.


Yes, I just found SØR1 - A Whole World On His Shoulders (Techno-ish)


Boris Brejcha - Gravity


Just new music in general:
Porter Robinson Get Your Wish


MOM$ - Rave Shit III: Tactical Operations


Mat Zo - It's Yours
tags: trance, progressive house


DJ Tibby - Energy (Cocooma Remix)


PilotRedSun - bootleg [Full bootleg] (2019)


┐(゚д゚┐) ⭐┌( °д° )┘⭐ (┌゚д゚)┌


I'm really liking this.






Fozzy - Nowhere To Run
I didn't just discover Fozzy but first time hearing this song.