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  • Author: h1pgRajf

[Oct. 9] I have a virtual party planned for this Friday (10/9, I think doors are at 7P EDT) where me and a friend will be doing b2b DJ sets in a virtual reconstruction of an apartment I lived in some time in the last 2 years which I then converted into a bar / stream-club thing where we'll be playing music and partying.

We will get into full-body tracking gear and play weird music for 2 hours and it's going to be really really fun and you should tune in for a bit :yes:
You don't need VR gear to join, you can (1) watch us on Twitch, (2) join us in Garry's Mod or (3) experience our GMod x VR Stream Stage that I've worked on for the last few months

I think the schedule for the night is:
7:00P [EDT] Doors open
8:05P [EDT] Alice DJ (Secret kawaiipop x future funk set)
9:00P [EDT] Bushmaster (Big-beat, house, nu-funk)

Anyways, join our Discord guild so you don't miss this really weird party or anything else we're doing.



  • Author: 2RKIRmko

Shit was cash... planning to do another on the 24th with some DJs I've never collab'd with before. Lots of Lua between here and there