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How is everyone's "Nothing but Nu-metal November" going?


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[Oct. 9] I have a virtual party planned for this Friday (10/9, I think doors are at 7P EDT) where me and a friend will be doing b2b DJ sets in a virtual reconstruction of an apartment I lived in some time in the last 2 years which I then converted into a bar / stream-club thing where we'll be playing music and partying.

We will get into full-body tracking gear and play weird music for 2 hours and it's going to be really really fun and you should tune in for a bit :yes:
You don't need VR gear to join, you can (1) watch us on Twitch, (2) join us in Garry's Mod or (3) experience our GMod x VR Stream Stage that I've worked on for the last few months

I think the schedule for the night is:
7:00P [EDT] Doors open
8:05P [EDT] Alice DJ (Secret kawaiipop x future funk set)
9:00P [EDT] Bushmaster (Big-beat, house, nu-funk)

Anyways, join our Discord guild so you don't miss this really weird party or anything else we're doing.



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It's time for a Nightcore thread pls TYTYTYTY

Nightcore - Tik Tok
Courtney Jenae - Accelerate
Courtney Jenae - Dirty Angel
Boney M (DOPEDROP Bootleg) - Rasputin
(Not really nightcore but) S3RL (- S3RL Presently presents Intro


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CaramellDansen is a lesson that simplistic and fun music can be great. From it's nightcore vocals to it's simplistic drum patterns, it creates a classic. Even just the little woahs in the background, everything just blends together to form this cute eurobeat trance beat which I'm trying to explain but just can't. However, In my opinion the breakdown is where it really stands out, and the part I can explain the best. The breakdown is where I feel the most nostalgic, I feel I'm just looking at the younger version of myself and seeing the pure fun I used to have with no worries. If you listened to this when it was popular and then now you'll get what I mean. The breakdown just fits in well with the rest of the song though, which is odd. I find that if a euro trance song (which is a nightcore mix) can do that then it deserves at least some praise.


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Random Music General
Just post random links here that you are listening to, have listened to, and/or just want to share here.
I'll start. I'm randomly listening to some My Chemical Romance since everyone has been going on being I guess somewhat nostalgic over the whole emo era.
My Chemical Romance - I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love (FULL ALBUM)


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What do the people want? (Psytrance!)
When do they want it? (Now!)



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Does anyone know other songs or artists that have this kind of feel to them?


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Ekowraith RUINED hands-up music


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Let's have a 2020 Eurobeat thread.
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up - Akyra Eurobeat Extended Mix -


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New Eminem Album dropped yesterday w/o any warning; what do you think about Eminem?


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Have you discovered any new music so far this January?
[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rI_zO2oHzxo=Haunt - Mind Freeze (2020)]
Here's a cool album I just recently came across.