• Author: 3flEEip5

How do I share music on the Internet?
*tube videos get taken down regulary (+ *tube is not! a music platform) and my favorite u/l website (it had an excellent in-line music player so it was r. easy to shoot a song over to friends) was recently taken down... just looking for suggestions on what to use next; hopefully something a little more robust but with the same amount of functionality.


  • Author: I28cE/pa

Yumi-dono got me using slsk. It's fast and has most things. You share music by indexing your music library and running the program. It can only be used graphically as far as I know. I use the nicotine+ slsk client myself because it's the best/or only (I forget) client in my distro's repos.


  • Author: aImY5tMV

The more niche your tastes are, the more likely someone has what you're looking for locked away in their "trades only" folder, and if you thought your tastes were niche...


  • Author: HbgRdevl

@3 are the guys with those shares normally genuine? It just seems so rare that just one person has that album... you'd think that one could simply share the album after trading whatever for it, then everyone could download it w/o hassle


  • Author: EHvd9SYp

nono I mean more like uploading music; it's trivial to use slsk but when I want to share tunes w/ friends I need to find a site that I can u/l to.


  • Author: UtPbF4zq

File-sharing sites are pretty much destined to get shut down. Sites like pomf.se and more recently mixtape.moe have shut down, citing the legal trouble and bandwidth that comes with running a service which lets anyone upload files and lets anyone download them.

I doubt there's a solution to this problem other than running a private file-hosting service.


  • Author: xBQ/KmfY

Check out heyuri.cf.