• Author: Z/lRKfnl

I'm really pissed off because some boomer wikipedia editor losers are proposing to delete an article about a very important and well-known rapper
they're so out of touch that they say he isn't noteworthy
look at their wikipedia profiles and you'll see that they edit wikipedia articles basically 24/7
no life wikipedia control freaks trying to police what is and isn't culturally relevant
probably have low musical intelligence
they probably don't even listen to rap


  • Author: ekWzSK1T

You wrote all of that but you don't provide a single link to the rapper. This proves that the rapper is so unimportant that you didn't even think of linking the page. The wikipedia editors have spent their life editing wikipedia you can trust their judgement so don't be a low iq nigger monkey.

By the way rap is very low iq music.


  • Author: gB7LkPIq

you're an edgelord racist so your opinion doesn't matter


  • Author: oTcU5kGa

@3 It's the truth. The truth will hurt. But at the end of the day it is what it is. You are a low iq nigger monkey who likes low iq music. What else can be said about you? Next time provide a link you low iq nigger monkey.


  • Author: gB7LkPIq

guess I won't be posting on this site anymore


  • Author: oTcU5kGa

@5 We did it Reddit! We drove away the Redditors!


  • Author: TX4vTZxB

@6 you really haven't done anything, go back to /b/
because discourse like this is really irrelevant, especially given that @1 just wants to talk about how control-freak Wikipedia editors are children and have no life