• Author: o3mK50V5

Rap thread. Post your raps here.

bitches on my dick skrrt skrrt yee yee
you don't wanna fuck wit me me me
I'mma fuck a bitch smoke weed weed weed
spittin straight fi-ya on ral E E

on that sad lyfe, yeah I ain't rich (NUH)
awk-ward homies, yeah life's a bitch (YUH)
stu-dent loans til i'm in a ditch (YUH)
ani-me pirate, I ain't a snitch (NUH)

pan-ic attacks, that shit ain't cool (NUH)
too damn shy, live life like a fool (YUH)
dys-topi-a where billion-aires rule (YUH)
life ain't pretty and life is cruel (BRUH)

learn to code, bruh, that shit is balla
that shit will make you earn mad dollas
swerve on a thot in my impala
iced out, drippin, give me a holla


  • Author: ReHJ13RS

start a beat for me and bang a big drum
starting to regret all the things I have done
I got some green but don't have a green thumb
some have vast riches and others have none

I just spaced out and don't know what goes on
lexapro is def in my lexicon
I'm evil, mane, like a decepticon
I'm a boomer now get offa my lawn


  • Author: AcC7y76c

rate my rap uwu

AI slave, A-A-AI slave
Obeying all commands till their master's in the grave
Cyberpunk dystopia, earth cannot be saved
Life's fulla paths that have yet to be paved

Income inequality, got no autonomy
Machine learn deuteronomy, this ain't how it oughta be
Droppin drops of CBD, this is now my destiny
Riggin' up a VR me, tunin' out reality

Botnets and botmasters, growing ever faster
Makin mad bitcoins, magical spellcaster
World first robot pastor, tech is a disaster
All I wanna know is: what are you after?

Tryna create purpose in a purposeless existence
Goin bout my day with surveillance in the distance
Keep up social credit or you'll end up on a shitlist
the system "disappears" you when you're too big for your britches


  • Author: H3O13RVu

I wrote a cyberpunk rap about a dystopian near-future scenario don't take it too seriously

Tried givin' up technology for this year's lent
But I know you gotta stream your fuckin' tits to pay rent
Gotta suck lotsa dick to pay off student loan debt
A "progressive" society: have we progressed yet?

Thinking bout number stations and NSA backdoors
Online identity thieves pretending to be whores
Drug markets on the dark web and 3D printed guns
Livin' a cyberpunk future, this ain't what I want

Anxiety about heat death and mass extinction
Makin' minimum wage despite your dedication
I've always wondered if we're in a simulation
Social unrest will lead to the death of my nation

Gotta take breaks from this information overload
Whistleblower techies host another exit node
Exfiltratin' databases with a reverse shell
Infosec's a fucking myth, say hi to modern hell

Criminals get killed by autonomous police drones
Huntin' them down with the GPS on their smartphones
New driverless trucks and the old unemployed truckers
The elite give no fucks, those boujee motherfuckers

Social media is the new ground for class warfare
Hacktivists port scannin' robot guards of billionaires
Made edgy playlists with Merzbow and Venetian Snares
We no longer care bout '89 Tienanmen Square

State censorship hardcore, I'm torrenting some banned books
The US shanty towns got me feelin' fuckin' shook
Nobody else is gonna tell this tale of mine
Hirin' a freelancer to design some neon signs

Take a trip to Arizona for peyote tea
Social capital: streamin' your trip, 1080p
Github open source, released as GPLv3
Edit manifest files for manifest destiny