Has [Music] ever been to a concert? Did you do anything cool / drink anything / dance much?

I've only been to a handful of concerts; I saw Flying Lotus touring for his You're dead album when he came through Chapel Hill at the Cat's Cradle and I caught MELT BANANA at the same place a few months later. I also caught Virtual Self in Tokyo which was insane. I only drink at concerts when the ticket includes a drink token, otherwise I pass it up. I'm comfortable dancing in a crowd, drinks or not, so it doesn't make much difference.
I'll also be going to Second Sky this summer, a new festival out in the Bay Area; really looking forward to it!


I went to a generic EDM concert and took a lot of xanax
the people I went with were smoking weed at the concert in a little one-hitter piece but I convinced them to throw it out after they smoked a little because there were some security people near us
lots of people on drugs, music was loud but not very interesting, and there were lights and stuff
it was okay, I guess
I think one of the EDM people there was Seven Lions and there were some other names but I forgot them
being high in public is a weird experience, because it feels nice and it's a very different feeling from being high privately, kind of liberating, but you also feel paranoid about getting caught


@2 Being high in publix is definitely weird; I ate shrooms and walked around campus / a few nearby parks with friends and I felt a little paranoid or w/e but I can't imagine how intense something like that would be at a concert with thousands of people on all sides of you compounded with the loud music & lightd


I actually can't stand crowds or alcohol. What's the appeal of concerts anyway?


It's stimulation and a break from work. Something to do. A distraction from the daily grind. It's a fun thing to do with your friends or girlfriend.

Some people also hook up for casual sex during concerts, as seen at Coachella:

It's also an excuse to get high, or even meet people who can sell you things.


I go to concerts for the music; sometimes I'll download and listen to sets from my favorite artists... especially for DJ sets, I enjoy checking out the new music that is incorporated into the sets.


If someone hasn't been to a concert before, they seriously need to reconsider their life tbqh.
My fam used to take me to a bunch of alt/pop rock when I was a squirt, and since then, I've been to a couple rando metal shows, some indie rock digs in a bar the size of a closet, the Aquabats in a similar venue with my younger siblings, jazzfest, and Rush on their very last tour ^_^
Weed often gets passed around and I dance even if no one else does...

Would really like to go to EDM shows with muh boys so long as y'all dance w/me and don't drop anything weird.


It's not that I haven't been to a concert before, I've actually been to quite a few (read, my parents went to them and I had to come along). I just don't like crowds/drugs/alcohol and I can usually just download concert performances, I guess I just wonder why people even go to concerts. Doesn't seem worth the effort and cost to me.


Autists please go.




I actually partially agree with @8. Pretty much every concert I've been to had such bad acoustics/audio balancing that it's kind of hard to enjoy the music and I wasn't wasted/dancing.


I'm going to a festival this Sunday, it'll be my first. There's just one stage, just gotta get there early cause the act I really wanna see is playing first.