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Why is Carly Rae Jepsen so good? does listening to girlpop make you gay? asking for a friend


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Opinons on Tyler, the Creator?

He dropped IGOR recently and I haven't had enough time to think about it but I really like the direction / mood of the album; Scum Fuck Flower Boy vibes with me better but I can still really dig that Tyler's making new music.


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Rap thread. Post your raps here.

bitches on my dick skrrt skrrt yee yee
you don't wanna fuck wit me me me
I'mma fuck a bitch smoke weed weed weed
spittin straight fi-ya on ral E E

on that sad lyfe, yeah I ain't rich (NUH)
awk-ward homies, yeah life's a bitch (YUH)
stu-dent loans til i'm in a ditch (YUH)
ani-me pirate, I ain't a snitch (NUH)

pan-ic attacks, that shit ain't cool (NUH)
too damn shy, live life like a fool (YUH)
dys-topi-a where billion-aires rule (YUH)
life ain't pretty and life is cruel (BRUH)

learn to code, bruh, that shit is balla
that shit will make you earn mad dollas
swerve on a thot in my impala
iced out, drippin, give me a holla


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Has [Music] ever been to a concert? Did you do anything cool / drink anything / dance much?

I've only been to a handful of concerts; I saw Flying Lotus touring for his You're dead album when he came through Chapel Hill at the Cat's Cradle and I caught MELT BANANA at the same place a few months later. I also caught Virtual Self in Tokyo which was insane. I only drink at concerts when the ticket includes a drink token, otherwise I pass it up. I'm comfortable dancing in a crowd, drinks or not, so it doesn't make much difference.
I'll also be going to Second Sky this summer, a new festival out in the Bay Area; really looking forward to it!


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Anybody else like rap music? Share favorite albums? Always looking for new music to listen to! Currently listening to Cannibal Ox stuff myself.


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Anybody else into trance/happy hardcore?
you know, those videos on yt with pictures of anime girls and the word "trance" in place of where the original dj name should be...


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breakc0re thread


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[[OFFICIAL]] [[2019]] New Music Topic
Post tunes that just came out!


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If you are a fan of vaporwave, you might appreciate this magazine.


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How do I share music on the Internet?
*tube videos get taken down regulary (+ *tube is not! a music platform) and my favorite u/l website (it had an excellent in-line music player so it was r. easy to shoot a song over to friends) was recently taken down... just looking for suggestions on what to use next; hopefully something a little more robust but with the same amount of functionality.


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im hoping to hear another kero kero bonito album


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What are you looking forward to hearing in 2019?