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Do you guys like City Pop / J-Pop?
I've been listening to Eiichi Ohtaki recently


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i have a soft spot for it desu and i've been exploring it more lately

Sugar Babe - DOWN TOWN

Cheebo - Venus Calling

Jun Togawa - さよならをおしえて

captcha = jim2pam (*ꅔ ˙̫̮ ꅔ*)
somebody liked that dang office program


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what the fuck
i borked up that first link my b



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I love city pop. My favorites are Makoto Matsushita and Momoko Kikuchi.
That link still doesn't work, but I really like the other songs you posted.


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Incidentally, Cheebo was the lead singer in the new wave band Imitation. Muscle and Heat, their second album, is awesome.


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Makoto Matsushita - First Light:

Junko Yagami - Communication:


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Wow, I guess I dinked those links. Ah, well.


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I posted this in a different thread but I'll post it here again!
Midori (ミドリ) - Hello Everyone, Nice To Meet You


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I guess its pointless to bring up the holinesses of Tatsuro JAMashita and BAEko Ohnuki. Instead check this jam:


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Yes the first song is an anime opening


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comfy city-pop playlist I've had on repeat: