• Author: BMT8Iewd

trip-hop and trip-hop accessories and slow-boi



  • Author: UhWvAFGF

Flamingosis - Flute Salad
Flamingosis - Come & Get it (ft. Yung Bae)

I dug this whole album for a long time recently.


  • Author: 9JQxNIwa

Not really trip-hop but still some of the same vibe; cozy-core electronic I guess.

ODESZA - Intro + A Moment Apart
Bonobo - Emkay


  • Author: 8Tcl1EzA

this is the stuff i live fore


  • Author: J3RaOY+8

Bitch where you when I was walkin'?
Now I run the game got the whole world talkin', King Kunta