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  • Author: ctQ3P4RV

TaQ - stoic (EXTREME version)
The Touch - Le Night Dominator
Virtual Self - Ghost Voices
The Hacker - Waves of Darkness
Porter Robinson - SHEPHERDESS


  • Author: vXpTiyOb

Proxy - Indian Film
Proxy - Dance in Dark

He's closer to soviet-tier deep electronic but some of Proxy's stuff still fits here


  • Author: g7vrX/Qv

Jaytech - New Vibe
Mat Zo - Easy

I listened to this in the rain once and I almost lost it ☆~
Mat Zo - Lucid Dream


  • Author: sxmCVpNw

Autonation - Sit on the Bass (Original 1991 Mix)

Pretty bass-heavy and almost dub. I like it a lot.


  • Author: kqcFyN7+

Deapmash - Tribal
Daft Punk - Oh Yeah


  • Author: Wx2eis+q

Hello [j]t-e-k-n-o[/j]


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heres a GTA 2 japaneez radio station for you weebs


  • Author: /c/qLTjK

Wangan Midnight OST - Drifting into You
Wangan Midnight OST - Wanna try one Last Time
Wangan Midnight OST - Overdrive Neurotransmitters
Highway racing games leave a lot of time to admire the world and bump the soundtrack.


  • Author: +eB3x1yw

@[58] These are nasty cuts. . . do you think the tracks on Funami FM are done in-house? I can't find anything on the producers other than their involvement with Grand Theft Auto


  • Author: kwvbwqfj

@60 not sure; the >toys are real> song also appears in GTA advanced for the GBA, which i wonder if rockstar would have been able to secure the rights to use in another game if it had been done by a 3rd party artist. but ya, i cant find anything either.


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The Acolyte Treble, Bass, and Attitude

This is hands-up music and I'm unashamed of how much I enjoy this.


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Push - Strange World is Y2K trance


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Ekowraith time:

ArC! (Unfinished)


  • Author: P/7v2CQp

2005 at it's finest.


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Moby - Mobility (Aqua Mix)

I really love the way this song starts off.