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Do you like anything that would be considered 'Difficult Listening'? I just started listening to Death Grips, despite hating them when they first dropped Exmilitary. I also like Prog which gets... difficult sometimes (like Close to the Edge's opening).


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I listen to a lot of relatively inaccessible music. The kinds of music that "I like" and tell people about in person is different from my true/private/weird music that I really like. Ever felt that way? When someone asks you "what kind of music" you're into, and you have to come up with some more regular-sounding stuff instead of what you really like.



Guerilla Toss:


Venetian Snares:


Oidupaa Vladimir Oiun:

Probably the easiest to listen to music on this list, but still not well known by a lot of westerners:

Andrew Jackson Jihad: rhythmically very accessible, but lyrically very weird (as a band, not just this track):


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Wow, other than AJJ (which I've listened to since middle school), I know none of this. Some is pretty lit. Guerilla Toss reminds me of The Go! Team, but with much less structure.
A few more recs:
Black Moth Super Rainbow (difficulty: easy)

Yellow Magic Orchestra (difficulty: standard)

Flashbulb (difficulty: easy)

Emerson, Lake, and Palmer (difficulty: marathon)

Black Marble (pallet cleanser)


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Do people consider ambient "difficult listening"? I'm a little out-of-the-loop when it comes to popular opinion.

Most of the time I just look through the share-folders of a few friends I've made on slsk; it's really helpful to understanding and discovering new music by just browsing and d/l'ing indiscriminately. Of course, it's also important to explore the discography of the artists you find if you like them.


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I listened to all the stuff in @3 and it's neat, also what's "slsk" @4?


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@5 soulseek, the P2P network from like 1999 or 2000 that's still hanging around. It's really music-focused so I'd recommend checking it out if you're looking for new tunes. There's also a handful of weird chatrooms on there too.


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Even if one listens to breakbeat or Death Grips as ambiance, I certainly wouldn't expect the average normie to find it "ambient" as these types of music wage an assault on the listener forcing them to acknowledge their presence. Plus, it takes a certain patience and refinement to find and appreciate the structure in something so experimental and harsh. Not to sound pretentious or anything, but a lot of these things I would not have enjoyed prior to large exposure.

For instance, the first few times I heard this https://youtu.be/51oPKLSuyQY?t=56
I would skip to about 2:58, where it becomes significantly more melodic and run-of-the-mill.
Glad you liked it!


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this shitd get loud baby abunai











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i'd defs say ambient falls under difficult listening for plenty of people! myself included at times
its hard to pick your favorite single to slam to with ambient you know?

this is one of my favorite ambient albums
couple decades old scandinavian stuff
VERY surprised to find a copy of it at a local record shop


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Anything Konami has produced


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I like a lot of noise and noise adjacent music, which most people seem to not like at all. For example, Massona, Whitehouse, the goslings, les relizes denudes etc.
I like drone metal and some powerviolence stuff.
Also like some of the wierder side of breakcore, like better off dead, dissociative children or waiting to die.