• Author: GUCbM3Oa

Does radio exist in the future? I just rebooted my pet project 30XXFM Internet Radio and themed it as a 1000-year radio DJ battle but that got me thinking about just how long will radio be around?

My university's radio station is pretty bumping but that's really the only station around here that plays worthwhile music; I think normal stations will drop out of the game when the advertising money dries up but college stations will stay afloat for much, much longer... that's not so bad!


  • Author: 2Jg31n4h

Yeah WKNC is p rad. But despite how rad it is, the internet has enabled more obscure/niche genres to thrive and diversify into even more obscure sub-genres with even more talented amateurs to publish their music, therein lies the real demise of radio. For instance:
I can now make a playlist of high-tempo funk, disco, and city-pop on spotify and then play a tailor-made radio station relevant to specific interests. In spite of the limitations of spotify, it's infinitely better than settling for 1/X amount of rock stations, 1/X amount of contemporary pop stations, &c. WKNC is only exceptional because they play a variety of genres that other stations don't (notably electronic, chill hop, metal, & indie), but even still spotify or youtube streams are more likely to introduce me to good music within genres of interest.

Also why the fuk foobar not connecting to Alice's stream?


  • Author: hcRd2uzM

Japanese radio station in Yokohama, Shonan Beach FM

This station has very smooth Saturday afternoon vibes; I'm pretty relaxed, I think I'm going to melt away.