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Post some of your favorite tracks/albums of all time


  • Author: HcySlGeY

I can never get enough of these guys


  • Author: m4LtoMQH

Cage the Elephant has been a long-time favorite of mine and I always love the new and exciting direction they take with every new cut. I've also bumped Kendrick Lamar for just as long


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Cage the Elephant are really enjoyable, they're one of the few bands that continue to be great on their crossover into mainstream. If you like CTE, try a track or two from Ball Park Music,a long time favorite rock band of mine


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Scum Fuck Flower Boy has personally influenced me a lot recently. It's a very emotional and touching album.

@[9] Ball Park Music is a good listen, thank you for the recommendation


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@[13] really nice album :3
my fave track is Boredom i think, i need to give it another listen


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@[15] Boredom is one of my favorites. 911 / Lonely has a very nice groove to it as well; hard to pick a favorite off that album since it is so well-rounded.


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Instrumental albums by black metal bands usually are awesome.


  • Author: ISHu563o

Alta Mugs by Fullkawa Honpo. Fullkawa-san did everything: the instrument playing, the recording, the production, the songwriting, the lyrics -- and it's some of the best material I've ever seen. The production is stellar (crank it up on good headphones), the lyrics soul-crushing and personal, the structure impeccable and musical ideas novel... There's no full-album stream but I have a download off Mega here.

Here's a sample off youtube, the transition and bridge in the middle is one of my favorite pieces of music: FurukawaP feat. 初音ミク | alta mugs


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This one is nice.


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@[18] Thank you for this. I've fallen out of Vocaloid for a while; my favorite producer was Supercell but 古川P sounds much more creative ^-^


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I like k?d (pron. kid) lots
k?d - Discovery ft. AKCB
k?d - Birth of the Universe


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Ogre You Asshole is a fav of mine, if you like this song listen to 'homely'



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The OST for cowboy bebop is some quality shit

@[13] Tyler the creator is pretty good, I haven't heard much but the tracks of heard are original and he seems like a very interesting person


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@[34] That OST is very good. I like Farewell Blues the best out of that whole 4 disc set.

If you don't already have it, I can drop a d/l link here


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Piano Black, Spokey Dokey, and The Real Folk Blues are GOOD as HELL

shoutouts to Goodwill for having a hard copy of disk 1 :*


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>Ride the Lightning> by Metallica is easily my favorite album.


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I just remembered how good Godspeed You! Black Emperor's F#A#8 is


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Good vocaloid? I've been listening to some of the stuff that was posted earlier in the thread


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Here's one from an all-time favorite album:
M83 - How to Be Eaten By a Woman


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Phillip Glass - Glassworks
I only heard this for the first time today but I had to stop everything I was doing and just listen to it because it took me by force.