• Author: 1QoGwoSJ

Anyone here make their own music? Post it here!
Also, review other peoples music when they post it!


  • Author: QKloQXAO

I do it from time to time. Sadly I haven't been at all active at it recently.

I put it here, anyway: http://unraed.uk/audio/index.html


  • Author: bjpuHpH7

As if I haven't shilled myself on every chan enough
Live shows coming soon.


  • Author: VVvRQ/fr

im not a dick rider or anything, but your stuff is pretty good@@@

zetsubo sounds like it has some late 90's ninjatune influence


  • Author: EfHNq0JK


I've listened to all of your songs and enjoyed them with the exception of some parts of the second track (moon on hill) which were not as easy to listen to as the other parts of your album, at least for me. Was this intentional? I mean the cliche high pitched anime voices made me feel like you've actually tried to make it hard to listen to in order to establish some sort of juxtaposition with the other songs.

Anyways, thanks for putting time into creating this album.


  • Author: V4b1kMrG

^ (I've meant 91, sorry)


  • Author: a38Dv19z

Thanks for listening, and for being honest! No, moon-on-hill was not intentionally annoying. However, I think I understand what you mean. Though I was very pleased with the song when I made it, I do get a vague feeling that something is wrong when I listen to it now.


  • Author: udi448Xr

I played with the OST for Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou a while back; I'm always trying to maximize my fun but that path hasn't taken me away to produce music.