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Has there ever been a greater time in music than now?


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current music selection can only grow if you consider the option of listening to old music in the present. thus the set of all music at time
T- ε is worse than the set all music at time T, for ε less than 0


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EDIT: for ε greater than 0


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@[85] I mean that this decade's music (2010 forward) is very enjoyable to listen to.


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Best of times, worst of times. I blame the internet. It's amazing for those that can enjoy the exponential increase in availability, cross-cultural exchanges, obscure proto-genres, and augmented reality experiences that are coming out. The potential for new sounds and experiences is incredible.
On the other hand, the charts and radio are worse than they ever have been, so the trough eaters are left with disillusioning and vapid pop detritus that erodes their soul.


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@[88] I think the radio + top 100 have always been terrible; it only becomes clear once you realize just how much music is out there.
I'm eternally thankful for being able to use tools like Soulseek and the modern Limewire utilities to uncover a lot of new music, and to be able to talk about it on-line is also a blessing.


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I'm so in love with the old, heavy production style that a lot of producers were churning out a few years ago, just before pop music and electronic music would collide for the second time in the 21st century... here's an example of what I'm talking about:
Mt. Eden - Sierra Leone
What are your thoughts on things like this... is there anything that we can learn from this heavy style? Can you see any similar trends today?


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Not exactly sure what you mean by "heavy", do you mean something with complex bass
like this?

Or something with a sort of reverb bass effect
like this:

Also a nice classic:


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Here's an equally enjoyable remix of that song
Sierra Leone (Feat. Freshlyground) (Tommie Sunshine & Live City Remix)