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-Intaglio printing


-Security thread

-See-through register

-Special foil/special foil elements

-Iridescent stripe / shifting colors.


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I was listening to some trip-hop (Portishead, DJ Shadow, and Letherette) and someone called it "lo-fi hip hop" and it really triggered me. I don't want my taste in music to be compared to those youtube streams with the anime GIFs.


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Seasonal Affective Disorder thread. What are the [ S A D ] boys listening to, cozying up next to some hay fever and filo books with a cup o' joe? Oldy but a goody.


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Instrumental Sade sounds like sex, sega saturn, and shin megami tensei.
Of course regular Sade sounds better, but it's not really conducive to working.


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Just leaving this here


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death grips


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post old music that you used to listen to when you were younger

I once had an emo phase back in high school and I listened to trashy music like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AU1r6eATDIM


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Who /future funk/ here?


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Do you like anything that would be considered 'Difficult Listening'? I just started listening to Death Grips, despite hating them when they first dropped Exmilitary. I also like Prog which gets... difficult sometimes (like Close to the Edge's opening).


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Does radio exist in the future? I just rebooted my pet project 30XXFM Internet Radio and themed it as a 1000-year radio DJ battle but that got me thinking about just how long will radio be around?

My university's radio station is pretty bumping but that's really the only station around here that plays worthwhile music; I think normal stations will drop out of the game when the advertising money dries up but college stations will stay afloat for much, much longer... that's not so bad!


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post-avant jazzcore is better than progressive dreamfunk


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New music! This is the place to post about new music that came out recently!
I'll start off with a track from Drake off of his new album Scorpion


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I'm entirely certain there were strong supernatural forces behind XXXTentacion's murder.

Initially I believed X was killed by the grand pontiff of Hell, Baal-Berith (or Bolfri). Berith appears wearing red (X's killers were alleged to have been wearing "red masks") on a horse (the killing was a drive-by), Berith is most powerful Monday evening and night (X was killed Monday afternoon) and during the month of June, and according to Christian lore, Berith is associated with murder and blasphemy. He also organizes pacts with Satan. Considering all this, and knowing X was open about his involvement in the occult and demonology, it was assumed he invoked Berith in order to gain success and fame, only to have Berith claim his soul early.

However, I evoked Berith (night of June 19) in a full ritual using his sigil, candles, incense, and a black mirror, and asked him if he did in fact kill X. He said no, but did concur X was killed for being into the occult and for being stupid with it. Spirits snatched his soul because he was "nagging" them too much; legit occultfags know you never get spirits to do your proverbial laundry because they will demand you worship them and fuck with you if you don't. Berith also showed me an image of the guys who gunned X down: dark black dudes, tall and skinny, saggy pants, one of them had grills I think, and they were holding huge guns in front of their black car. He also showed me whom I believed to be another shitty rapper from Florida, Kodak Black, with the killers (X and Kodak were friends, no idea how he's linked to any of this).

I am fully convinced this is what occurred: the spirits angry at X possessed the three to go kill him. Considering how X's death was especially violent and unexpected, this makes said explanation even more plausible. (Also take into account the arrested killer referred to himself as a "demon" online.)


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Quick! Post your favorite hipster underground music that you found now!


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What do you think of jungle?


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What's your favorite subgenre? What's your favorite album? Why do you like this weird dead meme genre?


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Find me a better OP cover, and I'll call bullshit


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here's one ive been thinkin about

favorite song covers

i'll get the ball rollin



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Anyone here make their own music? Post it here!
Also, review other peoples music when they post it!


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Has there ever been a greater time in music than now?


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download music of my band from http://lpwpjd4xzrqssfiw.onion/


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what are you listening to right now?
what new tracks have you picked up?

post your recent finds fellas


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Do you guys like City Pop / J-Pop?
I've been listening to Eiichi Ohtaki recently


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LastFM link sharing
Be nice and meet friends with good taste~!


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Funk & Soul
Future funk not allowed


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trip-hop and trip-hop accessories and slow-boi



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Post some of your favorite tracks/albums of all time


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Share those neck-breaking Jay Dee / Yancey Boys / Slum Village / J. Dilla beats