• Author: 8uz/y53r

RAL V3 Tor address when?

>Version 2 Onion Sites will be deprecated soon
>This onion site will not be reachable soon. Please contact the site administrator and encourage them to upgrade.
>Tor is ending its support for version 2 onion services beginning in July 2021, and this onion site will no longer be reachable at this address. If you are the site administrator, upgrade to a version 3 onion service soon.


  • Author: 8uz/y53r

I just updated the address, thanks for the heads-up. I rarely use the .onion address :nida:


  • Author: HhpKDCN/

Oh cool, everyone on Tor had the same user ID; I think I fixed this


  • Author: NaPKVzwZ

Sweet, thanks.
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