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RAL V3 Tor address when?

>Version 2 Onion Sites will be deprecated soon
>This onion site will not be reachable soon. Please contact the site administrator and encourage them to upgrade.
>Tor is ending its support for version 2 onion services beginning in July 2021, and this onion site will no longer be reachable at this address. If you are the site administrator, upgrade to a version 3 onion service soon.


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howler.space closed ~1 year ago today (`・ω・´)” how've you been holding up?
I accidentally visit the site once in a while expecting to funpost on my uni imageboard but then I remember I graduated a year ago and also the site is shutdown :beatup:


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Damn posting from links browser works? Why do I even need to finish this Gentoo install then, I can just get by with the live environment if I can do the only cool thing on the internet?


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Proposal: sorting threads by recent activity/"bumping"
My proposed implementation: when selecting a board and being brought to the year selection, there should be a button that brings you to "all," which would be sorted by most recent last post.
Or maybe perhaps there can be a cookie for sorting preference, and if you have the bump cookie, clicking on each board will just bring you directly to a listing of recent threads.


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Getting a bunch of post failures when trying to post in [Chat].


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The RALEE .onion is broken. It incorrectly directs to https, which is wrong for onion services. Try it yourself: http://f22glwrndpxkacwp.onion/