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Welcome to [Meta] (a.k.a. RalEE Town Hall); please use this space to talk about RalEE and its associated resources (e.g. the RAL community itself, its API endpoint, banners, adverts, moderation etc.)

Intention of this space: This continuity offers a dedicated place to facilitate meta-discussion about this site, its community and its future direction. If you have any input regarding the direction of the site or any features you would like to see please make a post here and we'll discuss it as a community. Previously any of this conversation was de-facto posted in [Chat] but I hope this space will help to consolidate and focus discussion on the site while removing meta-content from the general discussion space.

Software Development: As a reminder RAL (the software powering RalEE) is entirely open-source software and is hosted on Github so technical-leaning questions or issues with the software should be raised there.

Rules In addition to the global rules, please do not discuss things other than RalEE or its associated resources. [Meta] is for meta; everything else has its place, and if it doesn't then post here and ask for one :grin:


  • Author: wiYxMsBF

Is it possible we could get a political (neo-nazi containment) board?


  • Author: hSZ2yIgg

@2 Could we just ban those people instead?



  • Author: etr4xAYX

I agree with @3 I think it's better to not create a container for that kind of discussion here anyhow.


  • Author: +Bo9XKnU

A bowl is most useful when it is empty.


  • Author: wiYxMsBF

If they get banned it will just turn into a game of ban wack-a-mole where they circumvent the bans and come back to spam [Chat] with racism. Creating a containment board would manage to keep them out of sight and out of mind while also leaving them (hopefully) satisfied.


  • Author: Gh+il4EA

The containment board theory of content moderation has never been proven true. Rather, it provides an unbridled platform for it, and allows that kind of discourse to stay on the site permanently.
It's better to properly dispose of garbage than to toss it into a designated room in your house.


  • Author: f4ZkY8JL

@6 I disagree, containment boards just tell them that they have a place here. They'll settle and then crosspost in other boards while discouraging other people from posting. I couldn't really say what the target audience of Ralee is, but I hope it's not neo-nazis.


  • Author: ng0wCERw

Moderting opinions will ruin the board. I dont care if you hate niggers or are one. There is more than enought safespaces on web already.


  • Author: LC1ewXxX

@9 You already have your own safespace and it's 4chan's /pol/ board.


  • Author: l2Z34JPw

What do you mean by "you"? Im not interested in /pol/ like discussion, im not american so i don't care about american politics, which is what i would guess its mostly about. But i do believe in free speech, which for me includes freedom to be offensive.


  • Author: 4jaXP089

@11 Freedom of speech doesn't guarantee the right to a platform which means that "moderting opinions" could be possible in this site. It's only there to prevent the government from censoring you. That excessive weaponization of free speech as a defence against any sort of perceived criticism is simply another way to derail the conversation and silence others. It's just free speech until it isn't anymore.


  • Author: RckJfk0x

@11 Why do people not understand what free speech is? Free speech isn't going onto any website or chatroom you like and spewing your opinions. Nor is it entering a store or restaurant and giving the patrons an earful.

If this website became an outlet for the altshite I would definitely stop using it.


  • Author: l2Z34JPw

Why are you lecturing me like an idiot. I never mentioned my or anyones legal rights, which btw depends on where you live in. In my opinion we should have freedom as i explained, here on this site.

You very well understood my point. You are already endorsing your own political beliefs by using the term altshite and in my opinion you should be free to do so. Thats what we are talking about. Its not gonna be outlet for any specific group if we allow any opinions, but of course you wouldn't want that.


  • Author: VSHEex7Q

@14 by mentioning free speech you're also indirectly referring to its legal implications. the content you are allowed to publish on any given site depends largely on where the site is hosted (unsourced; might be wrong).

In my opinion you are exactly the type of person that shouldn't be allowed to proliferate on this site. Too many communities have been ruined by a drastic shift to the wrong direction (whatever that means, but the recent copypastas against certain demographics can and will attract irreverent, edgy types that, if enough of them are present, will change the site's atmosphere.)
There's a certain grey area when it comes to moderating this type of content (it *could* be satire) but I don't believe it should be welcome.


  • Author: xePgsNB6

Your shitty opinion tells exactly what kind of control freak crybaby you are.

If im removed from this site for having an opinion on a meta thread then i would just leave with a good grace. People like you are a cancer to oldschool img/textboard communities.


  • Author: GNm3ClWa

@16 lol. k

(25 character limit)


  • Author: ccjIOK9r

In any anonymous communication forum, political free speech would ideally proliferate into discussion in which there is a healthy amount of people with varying enough opinions to prevent a echo chamber of the same opinion. Despite this, pretty much any time I've seen a political board on any chan, it always just becomes a bunch of people spouting the same opinions shunning or insulting anyone who doesn't agree, usually accusing them of being part of whichever group that is widely disliked on that board. You can see this in the other direction on places like reddit, in which, instead of getting (you)'s calling you a jew or something, you just get downvoted and called a bigot or something similar. It has become my opinion over time that online political discussion will simply never work, because it is just too easy for a community to become all of the same opinion. When an opinion starts becoming that of the majority, those who believe in it will continue to stay, as they see many other posters agreeing with them and defending their points, while those who disagree will start leaving to other places because they are tired of seeing no one else understand, or agree with, their points. So imo, the only way to keep a board away from this sort of thing, is to just never have a political board and enforce good discussion, or to just ban politics all together. I think ralee just shouldn't have a political board, as that attracts people who just want to shit up communities with unrelated political whining in the other boards. I think all that should be done is to just enforce productive discussion that doesn't devolve into namecalling, and to remove political posts that are unrelated to the topic.