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Hello fellow cybernaut. I'm Kev, creator of 4kev.org
I am building a community of imageboards and I want to show your banner in my homepage.
Let me know if you're interested


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Welcome to [Meta] (a.k.a. RalEE Town Hall); please use this space to talk about RalEE and its associated resources (e.g. the RAL community itself, its API endpoint, banners, adverts, moderation etc.)

Intention of this space: This continuity offers a dedicated place to facilitate meta-discussion about this site, its community and its future direction. If you have any input regarding the direction of the site or any features you would like to see please make a post here and we'll discuss it as a community. Previously any of this conversation was de-facto posted in [Chat] but I hope this space will help to consolidate and focus discussion on the site while removing meta-content from the general discussion space.

Software Development: As a reminder RAL (the software powering RalEE) is entirely open-source software and is hosted on Github so technical-leaning questions or issues with the software should be raised there.

Rules In addition to the global rules, please do not discuss things other than RalEE or its associated resources. [Meta] is for meta; everything else has its place, and if it doesn't then post here and ask for one :grin: