• Author: XtHlE9WY

Does anyone here use a VPN regularly? I subscribed to one last month and I'm not sure if I want it always-on or just when I need it


  • Author: Us7ROMr9

You should keep it on all the time, otherwise whats the point of having bought it? ISPs collect and sell your browsing history, so having the VPN on at all times would be the best bet, disabling it only when you need it like to watch netflix or something


  • Author: FTwSz41h

who wants a brazillian enterprise web server credential


  • Author: 4ZnLLpFY

i have two routers, one that handles the homeserver stuff and another that runs every request through a VPN for regular use.
if you need to post on fortune or something use proxychains on top of that.


  • Author: XtHlE9WY

@4 that's a pretty neat idea
@2 I bought it exclusively to use a crypto perpetuals exchange which geo-blocks the US. But I'm using it on most of my computers + phone now because XKEYSCORE and stuff


  • Author: C3RAGp+q

My VPN gets blocked when using Google services for school (mostly just Google drive), so I usually need to turn it off then. Otherwise, my VPN is always on. No reason not to. It's nice to be able to open up qbittorrent with no worry.


  • Author: wxcJS4tG

... if you log into e.g. Google through your VPN doesn't this defeat the point of using a VPN as an anonymizer?