• Author: CJIKnEAQ

Looking to learn programming on games and apps, from gameplay coding(saves and load game, game rules,UI anim, dlcs etc) to AI, how to make it multiplayer LAN between devices(thru wifi, or cables), and maybe bits of graphics

any books or one whole tutorial link to make it all from scratch, either on unity or unreal or vscode/arduino?

maybe also on firmware/server programming....


  • Author: 00PkhDH/

handmadehero.org is a good tutorial for writing your own games from scratch if you want a video tutorial. Just the first 100 episodes.
beej's guide on network programming is a good introduction for networking. I don't know a scalable networking video game system, like for World of Warcraft or something, but things like RTS, beej's tutorial would be enough: beej.us/guide/bgnet