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Any cryptocurrency friends? I just invested a bit and am looking to hold this pile for a year or so; I'm not expecting massive gains but I do want to add to it over the next few months so my portfolio can actually work for me. I threw 500 USD at LINK last November and the return on that was pleasant. Share your stories or gameplans for the next few months.

I'll update this topic when a year's done just so we have some cool year-long story lol


  • Author: 9vpFVAfp

Oh, also forgot to poll anyone owning crypto: how do you store your coin? I'm thinking of getting a hardware wallet, maybe a Ledger Nano S, though there seem to be a ton of options here. I'm looking for something that mainly:

(1) Has good support for Linux
(2) ERC20 support (lol)
(3) Active development, adding support for recent coins

... of course I'll play around with soft wallets first, but I'd preferably like to move to hardware as soon as I can


  • Author: EeT4oFpV

Well I decided to not spring on a hardware wallet; I am instead storing my coins on an air-gapped machine (better than throwing it out!); eventually I want to withdraw this after a 1.5 or 2 years and realize a decent ROI to make a down payment on a home because renting is a fucking racket. I am also swing-trading a roughly equivalent amount of money but I could have made a lot more if I didn't hold through the recent contraction like a dummy lol


  • Author: BhtwqBy2

This just in I've swung 50% of my initial investment and all without the help of that dog token


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This just in decentralized finance is cool


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Wrong. For me, it's central banking.


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@6 I'm going to introduce your central banks to CBDCs (Centrally-banked Dick Coins)


  • Author: tOD7lphB

I only need 150k principal to make 50k per year with 20% APR compounding monthly :nida: and I bought at 29k in July


  • Author: zFY8mtFk

Lost over $100k and then ended up losing the rest of my coins in a very stupid manner. Thinking about getting back in but stuck in a situation where I can't invest or mine. Probably just going to curl up in a corner and rot away.


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@9 nice. I started small when I began this thread and in May I lost none of my principal, just the small profit I'd made in the meantime. I know a lot more about picking out good projects now, I DCA'd over the Summer and I've seen healthy returns. I'm kinda protective of my gains now since I lived through May :beatup: I'm actually changing careers to work on a [kinda?] well-known / upcoming project in DeFi


  • Author: v7pd7fh8

2021 ROI was 5x plus I only seriously started allocating in July + August
Excited for 2022 :grin: though probably won't be as massive but that's okay; slow + steady wins the race