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Failed emerge-webrsync and then circular dependencies for first emerge. wtf


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Any cryptocurrency friends? I just invested a bit and am looking to hold this pile for a year or so; I'm not expecting massive gains but I do want to add to it over the next few months so my portfolio can actually work for me. I threw 500 USD at LINK last November and the return on that was pleasant. Share your stories or gameplans for the next few months.

I'll update this topic when a year's done just so we have some cool year-long story lol


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Just watched 360° video for something like 3 hours and now I'm incredibly tired... there is also a red ring around my face where my HMD was mounted
Do you think it's comfortable to watch anime lile this? A lot of the content I saw was "360" but closer to a flat screen projected onto a 360 environment, I imagine traditional media would feel kinda similar