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Our new textboard script is inspired by similar motivations as RAL neoforum: attempting to re-invent textboards in a system that feels more like traditional forums. I really appreciate this script -- the board list, thread list, and thread view are very refreshing; nice atom feed, too. We try to provide an atom feed for recent comments and new threads too, as well as giving each thread its own atom feed.

Instead of focusing on major frontend reshaping, our killer feature is federation, and we kill /boards/ in two different ways: the first is that threads are primarily categorized by tags, which can be combined for a custom homepage view; the second is that a tag can be claimed on a server to create a user-managed board, but moderation only applies within that server-board view; deleted comments/threads still exist on the rest of the server and network.

Come visit , would love to hear your thoughts on our approach, and also love to hear about the lessons you learned making RAL and what decisions you made in RAL that have paid off / define this "neoforum" concept.

#0chan @ irc.rizon.net


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Failed emerge-webrsync and then circular dependencies for first emerge. wtf


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Any cryptocurrency friends? I just invested a bit and am looking to hold this pile for a year or so; I'm not expecting massive gains but I do want to add to it over the next few months so my portfolio can actually work for me. I threw 500 USD at LINK last November and the return on that was pleasant. Share your stories or gameplans for the next few months.

I'll update this topic when a year's done just so we have some cool year-long story lol


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Just watched 360° video for something like 3 hours and now I'm incredibly tired... there is also a red ring around my face where my HMD was mounted
Do you think it's comfortable to watch anime lile this? A lot of the content I saw was "360" but closer to a flat screen projected onto a 360 environment, I imagine traditional media would feel kinda similar