• Author: 6Umbq8mO

New server IP :yes: same great taste


  • Author: 6Umbq8mO

DreamHost was not working well so now we're on OVH :smile: this is cheaper as well (although $12/mo was not bad either)


  • Author: rzoVQ5QE

OVH isn't the best, they have some serious jankiness. I remember the time OVH had a major outage and like 30% of the internet fell over.
Their web panel wasn't the best to work with either, or at least it was so several years ago.

But yeah, a big plus is that they're cheap. Stuff usually works until it breaks.


  • Author: 6Umbq8mO

So the .onion site was broken for a while and nobody told me... what are you people good for?
It's f22glwrndpxkacwp.onion BTW, I'm not sure it's anywhere on the site yet but I've had this service for at least 3 years |ω・)


  • Author: M4W3B1m3

I'm sorry, but I don't use TOR though I should. I should do lots of things.


  • Author: 6Umbq8mO

Tor is pleasant, the network circuits I've used recently seem to be much faster than those when I used it years ago


  • Author: 0TMR+p4m

Found these guys, very affordable dedicated servers: https://www.kimsufi.com/en/servers.xml.