• Author: RRZYgivD

Is RAL software supposed to run on linux or windows, and is there a detailed version than readme.md file?


  • Author: +yC2zFbn

Why don't you get ahold of the big man himself and ask him?


  • Author: wL3pjCmB

Right, so while the software is designed to run on any system which can run PHP5+ I've never deployed it in a Windows environment. Assuming you can install a MySQL DB then it should work peachy, even the install script should run, as it also is also written in PHP.
I've not given the software a ton of love so the process may still be kind of manual; honestly I've never had a use for them so they may as well be un-tested and provided simply as-is. BTW the docs you are looking for are in the docs/ folder. Again they're pretty modest as I don't use the docs and nobody has ever really contacted me about improving them.


  • Author: wL3pjCmB

Seems the install script uses some Bash-isms to install and configure b8-0.6.2 (for Bayesian-filter spam prevention) and jBBCode-1.3.0 for the BBCode parser. These could probably be moved into another OS-specific script (e.g. Powershell or Bash) as I don't think PHP has much worth as a system configuration tool for moving files around.

... or we could use Perl for this :yes: