• Author: 6tSuoAT0

do you try to "limit" the time you spend on your phone each day? I was originally going to limit "technology" use each day (e.g. restricting computer use to only what's absolutely necessary) but my work demands it now so I can't really avoid it. I try to keep my phone usage down to 1.5 hours max each day, that's including everything: 2FA requests, texts, emails, etc. etc.


  • Author: dHa+BLoy

Sort of (read: not really). My phone keeps track of how much I use it, and that’s always interesting to look at, but I don’t really spend too much time thinking over how much I use my devices. Maybe I should.


  • Author: T6A7kX2k

I want to, but I almost always fail. Maybe I should give another try.


  • Author: tE9DWKNj

I did a good job of it for a while, and then I started talking to a girl, and it all went out the window. I know I'm still better at it than a lot of people are though.

I find my phone to be the most toxic and I'd rather not have one but for various reasons I find I need to. I don't install any apps I absolutely don't need on it, have the screen set to monochrome (Android settings -> simulate colour profile), and have wireless turned off. I'd rather just have a dumbphone, as I mostly only use it for text messages, but there are a few family Whatsapp groups that my trying to leave has caused tensions in the past.

I don't consciously try and restrict my habits on my computer, but it kind of happens naturally based on the fact that it doesn't have an internet connection; I use a mifi thing to connect to the internet morning and evening (and sometimes during the day if I'm expecting an email) and have everything set up to work offline and assume that I'll be offline as best I can.

Just by not having internet most negative things that I have found with my computer go away. Programming or whatever feels a fine use of my time. Sticking to something of a schedule makes it harder for me to fill my time mindlessly with scrolling.

Obviously the fact that I'm here right now suggests that the systems not perfect by any means.