Have you ever experienced data loss, such as from accidentally deleting something, a software glitch, or a hard drive dying?


I had a SSD failure happen to me earlier this year. Lost all of my photography from the last 5 years. It definitely put me in a depressive spot. I also had a HDD failure in the mid 2000s but the PC finally hit it's limit after using it for around 11 years.


How old was the SSD when it died? I use a couple cheap SSDs and I wonder how reliable they are. Don't SSDs have some limitation to how many times they can write and delete data?


I didn't realize it had a cheap SSD inside of it until it failed, so that's my fault for not being more observant and checking after I had it built for me. My fault trusting someone. It was about 8.5 months old.
It was a Teamgroup brand, 120GB. Ended up buying a Samsung 850 EVO 250GB myself to put in afterwards. Haven't had any issues so far.


Yes, and mostly through my own retardation--I've rm -rf / --no-parse-root'd and accidentally rm -rf ./'d myself, on the same machine. Eye'm the smartest 1337 supah hax0r around.