My lappu just shit itself; I want to get a Chromebook or something (they're p. cheap on Craigslist around here) and I'm wondering if anyone has experience using netbooks in general


I know a guy who got a quite functional (slightly chunky) laptop from a nice IBM man for like 50$. If you don't mind a bit of mass and just worried about pricing, I'd recommend exploring that (gotta be in Raleigh area tho).
Just remember, Chromebooks can't run Linux.


> Chomebooks can't run Linux
source? I've read plenty of things saying you can, even the gentoo wiki has something about Chromebooks


@3 It's just a false-flag operation desu. I assumed the fact that Chromebooks are practically non-existent in terms of hardware would pose a problem, but I guess it just means you don't have much space. I'm glad you're smart enough for the both of us.


Soo I was thinking about getting an Acer Chromebook 15 but I opted out because the 15.6" screen is too big, leaving a lot of blank-space around the keyboard area. I found a local vendor selling the mythical Thinkpad x131e Chromebook; I can't find anything about it online except a few articles saying it exists but Lenovo seems to have taken down all the related spec sheets and press releases about it.
Essentially it is a rugged-built 3.9lb netbook meant for teachers and students (there is a non-Chromebook version of the x131e too); the Chromebook version sports a 16GiB SSD and 4GiB of RAM (expandable up to 8GiB) and a low-power Intel Celeron 1007U clocking 1.5GHz and 2 cores. The biggest seller for me (right beside the lightweight but durable design) was the RJ45 ethernet and the HDMI ports.


Update: this shitter was enrolled because it was probably second-hand from a school; I was able to bypass the Google device enrollment by burning a recovery USB and wiping the computer down (though I've heard you have to remove the R/W copper to write a new serial to unenroll sometimes).
I'm going to flash a modified Coreboot firmware (I've heard Chromebooks already come with Coreboot actually) so I can install Gentoo + JWM; I would be running Wayland but there is only 1 tiling compositor I know of (and I don't like it!)


I got Coreboot flashed to the damn thing after a while; now it's running TianoCore as a payload and everything seems to be working well.
I used John Lewis' firmware but my none of my keyboards worked (not even externals). Installing Mr Chromebox's firmware was better (you don't want to know how difficult it is to flash a device without a keyboard...) :P


I'd rather get an old chunky chinkpad (T420 I've heard is excellent).
t. uses a chromebook for school and have had the chiclet keyboard tear itself up


Update: my Chromebook has been running Funtoo since July and I've had no issues with it; I dropped a new 250GiB SSD in but I'm using a remote file-share to store all of my files at my house (accessible through an VPN).