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In my Script is a Error. He dont send a E-Mail and open a ArrayList all 5 Seconds

Code https://ghostbin.com/paste/tfhm2


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install gentoo


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Hey, guys. How are you? I hope you're doing well.

Well, I need your help now. I'm trying to install RAL on my server, but I'm a total n00b. I don't know what php, Nginx, apache are... I've already installed all of them, but I'm not sure if they're running.

I've already download RAL from GitHub to the server, but I don't know where I should put the files. Is it on var? I'm completely lost!

I'd appreciate if you could show a step-by-step guide of how to create a RAL textboard.

Thank you so much!


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Do you follow any blogs? Technical / non-technical, either is fine... just share some that you enjoy.


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Does someone want to pair program with me in a totally sexual way?


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What was Future Sequence #1? I was unable to access it.


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Would anyone be having a Mumble server for RalEE?