What motivates you to code?

Learning programming stuff in a college class isn't that easy because it's boring, sometimes the professor is bad at explaining things, and you feel forced to do it. And you're less concerned with learning and more concerned with deadlines and grades.

By contrast, personal projects seem so easy -- and they're amazing learning experiences -- because you actually want to do it.

Obviously doing it as a job is a big motivator, but when you haven't quite made it that far, you need to look elsewhere for reasons to do it.


interest. i've never thought of needing motivation to program, i've just always done it.

i could never get a job where i am paid to program. i know this would destroy my interest quickly.


I think computers are really cool


same, >>3


i first got into programming because i wanted to make games.Shortly after i got curious about how hacking and websites works.now my life goals are either be a game dev,white hat hacker or web dev.


Hacking things seems fun; that's not something they teach kids in school anyway, other than at hackathons and other things which hardly count as official "school." TBH I'd rather keep playing around with self-modifying code and having fun on my own than to work with a company that does that kind of thing aaS.
Sometimes I have real trouble thinking about what it means as an individual to apply yourself to something as impersonal as a company.


Hackathons aren't about hacking.


Then why is there "hack" in the name? Checkmate, fool.


depends on what you mean by hacking


Hackathons are for networking and meeting people to work on quick programming projects with. They aren't about security, unless your particular group project happens to be security-related. But they often have a theme. A game jam is like a hackathon but only for making games. They are typically 24-48 hours long and you stay overnight and meet people and make something from beginning to end in a short amount of time. By contrast, a hacker convention, aka hacker con or hacker conference, is about security.