Are you running a custom OS on your phone?

I'm flashing LineageOS on a Samsung Galaxy SIII and I run an old build of Cyanogenmod on my Nexus 6


I take it back. . . I was flashing on the Galaxy S3 but it turns out that Verizon Samsung bootloaders are locked down tighter than a nunnery. . . the Nexus 6 was so easy to flash all those years ago.



I put copperheadOS on my Nexus 5x a month ago, liking it a lot but it was hard to get things done at first without the play store or google services.

I might put Kali Netrunner on the other one I have.


LineageOS + MicroG (lineage.microg.org)
no more Google botnet


I wish, I just locked myself into google's garden by purchasing a phone that won't work with anything but the factory image.
At least it has two screens?


@[19] What the fuck kind of phone has 2 screens?


ZTE Axon M.


Sorry, a bit of multi track drifting.

My Nexus 5x died a few months ago because it got stuck in this vicious boot cycle of death which seems to be caused by overheating hardware according to others. I can still enter this Android maintenance boot-screen, but even trying to boot into recovery mode only yields a restart.

Does anybody have any ideas on how I could use this brick of a phone for anything more or less useful? If the answer is "recycle it", how will I make sure that the data of the internal memory won't be accessible to anyone, short of physically destroying the phone?

I apologise for petty multi track drifting again and hope you bestow indulgence upon me.


The exact same thing happened to mine. Strange power events and slowness before totally bootlooping. Maintenance mode is the best I can do.
I hear that some people have been able to get a replacement phone or mobo by contacting LG - even if it's out of warranty. Might be worth a shot if you have direct sales receipt, but I got mine from a reseller...
The problem is endemic to recent LG products, but with the 5x in particular it seems to be due to faulty ball-joint solder connections to the memory module. Eventually thermal stress will push it past a breaking point - however this is all derived from consumer experimentation. Some people have had success with reflowing the mobo in a soldering oven, some with freezing it. Check these posts if you think you might want to take a crack at it: https://hackaday.com/tag/nexus-5x/
Or, you could give it to me and I could use for spare parts if I fix mine?


>buy potato AT&T phone since it's cheap
>try to root it
>can't because nobody fucking uses it and therefore nobody's bothered to crack it
I lost it under a couch, good riddance tbh. Phone calls were a quarter a minute and 20 cents a text (recieve AND send)


20 cents a text (recieve AND send)
— 36

That's the shittiest thing I've ever heard of. Especially the receiving part.




OP here; I'm flashing LineageOS on that Nexus 6. Wish me luck. I thought about de-googling my phone for a hot second but I remembered that I couldn't play that Madoka Magica game (going to use Magisk to root-cloak too) so it's not really an option.


it'd be cool if there was a way to run Copperhead or Lineage while still getting Google Play. I know that sounds kind of self-defeating because of the anti-botnet shit combined with privacy invasion, but whatever. I've never used a different Android ROM before but it could be cool. Also if you're feeling extra edgy you could always go with Kali NetHunter.


KYAA I forgot to individually backup my .apk and app data so I'm going to have to restore the whole OS to CyanogenMod to get all my sick PRO apps and fucking user data. Also my LINE acc. was linked through my Facebook which I haven't had for 3 years or so, I'm going to have to transfer that over to a real authentication method when I get back into my old build


>Install Magisck
>Hide practically everything
>Still can't play Kirara Fantasia
Why even bother... I guess the Puella Magi Madoka Magica game is nice at least, but I can't even run Xposed because it breaks SafetyCheck: what a cruel existence


OP here w/ the same old Nexus 6; now running Resurrect Remix OS because it sounded edgy but it's actually really neat.

The fling inputs are really cool and I hope to see more ROMs incorporate gesture input on that little home bar at the bottom; emulating hardware buttons is such old-hat, I'd rather input spinning bird kick on my gesture-pad any given day.

Split-screen is like using two phones and is actually very intuitive. It's a little like using a tiling WM since you can adjust the gap-width and swap in different applications.

Have you ever read 2 ero-manga at the same time? I have and I give Resurrect Remix OS my seal of approval.


Ressurection Remix v8.0.1 was released in Jan. I'm going to upgrade when I get the chance.
I've had some trouble with random reboots when I get below 20% battery but the fling inout is soo kick-ass; here's to hoping that getting off this nightly release will mean a little more stability...