• Author: S7ZLJNTB

What's your favourite rhythm game? Mine is beatmania IIDX because of the high skill ceiling,


  • Author: LdbrAHsB

I also like IIDX; the music is good overall and it's really fun to play. I can't play anything above a 6 or so though, kinda hard to grind when I've gotta go to the arcade to play.


  • Author: wb6iuM+6

I've only played the Project Diva games and a bit of Osu. Watching these Beatmania videos makes me feel like a chump.


  • Author: FGkcYtEI

@3 Mania has been around since '97 or something; it's had a lot of time (maybe too much?) to mature as a game, although even the really early maps are still kinda hard. I only started playing three years ago, on and off, but it's a really great game with a legacy of interesting artists having produced or licensed music for it. TaQ, USAO, Iimori, t+pazolite, onoken, DJ TECHNORCH


  • Author: 5oRJNzNf

rhythm paradise (aka rhythm heaven / rhythm world). very quirky, and for the ds. love love love


  • Author: S7ZLJNTB

@2 There are means to play the games at home on your own PC, but you'll need to get an arcade style controller to get the full experience. Those are a bit expensive, but you can build your own too! (I built mine for ~€80, it isn't the best but it works)