• Author: gekZv8bs

What aspect in gaming are you most excited for during the 2020s?


  • Author: PYtDaHtZ

hopefully less politics being shoved down people's throats


  • Author: xGtJXVEm

I certainly hope so. I'm so sick of the constant need of politicizing literally everything. We need to learn how to have fun again.


  • Author: NVx/unwf

Everything is always already political. If something doesn't seem political, that means that its politics are invisible to you, probably due to it favoring your biases.


  • Author: FwlMwFgs

I'm excited to see the progression and general availability of consumer-friendly VR setups. I hope that at the end of the decade we see more instruments similar to Rez Infinite's Synesthesia Suit being offered on the market as (likely high-end) consumer-purchasable instruments to enhance VR immersion and experience.

I hope that such advances in hardware technology are paralleled by advances in renderers which directly address the problems that current engines have, namely that current renderers assume a "flat viewing surface" as opposed to a completely radial renderer.


  • Author: 35f3SAvb

I'm hoping for more accessible engines and programming tools to allow people who would not ordinarily make games 20 years ago to more easily make the games they want to make.

I want to see what non-technical people can come up with.


  • Author: ezBltoZz

I'm excited for more ambitions indie games following the lead of cuphead.


  • Author: KnHtm7C6

This comment has not aged well at all. My condolences, anon.