I want to play a game with some of you soon.
We could play something on-line and multiplayer.


Although, I'm not sure what we'd play. I always used to play the games at Funorb but we could play something on Steam too. . . whenever is fine, I'm really stoked to play with friends on-line again


Some of us don't play online.
Captcha sez I'm a stripguy.


LAN or die

warcraft 3 frozen throne?? <33


I have almost no PC games so any of the ones I can play prob. have to be free. I have [j]Counterstrike: Source[/j] and friends, and like [j]Battlefield: 2[/j] but that's it


LAN game of artemis? I have the game and could distribute to anyone who wants to play. It's pretty fun with 6 people on all stations.


@[37] That sounds fun as fuck


Well we should find a room with a big screen and a couple more people and then we're set.


the room we reserved for games nite was pretty good; it had a screen and whatnot. also theres probably some nais space in hunt library in the grad student area, though ive never been inside.


I'm down for artemis, sounds really fun. Also good for WC3 or CS:S (((but im trash)))


I'm pretty free whenever and even if I can't show up I can still send the game to everyone playing. Here's my steam if anyone wants to play there.


@[42] Might hit you up soon when I install Steam again~