Best game ever?


metroid prime 2: dark and moody environment
gta san andreas: expansive and CJ is actually a pretty gud guy that learns the importance of family along the way


San Andreas?
You can't be serious.


ya im srs. you can see that tons of time and effort went into making it. especially for 2004, the map is huge, the vehicles are numerous, tons of side content (though not always that engaging), several radio stations with their own soundtracks, lots of characters, david cross, and its still fun to play after finishing the game.

also i forgot to include the one game i love to bring up in every conversation....deus ex. that tops san andreas anyway


I've been playing a lot of FFXIII recently and even though it's one of a handful of new games I've played in a long time, the FF series is lots of fun


The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind


Second for morrowind


If you guys want a CSS LAN I will show up any fucking time.


Thirding Morrowind. Though you probably have to have played it when it was new, to have really experienced the impact.


But playing Morrowind now and being able to see which aspects made the impacts is also fun. You can see how Bethesda slowly whittled away the more in-depth tabletop-esque rules, and how quests like watching Fargoth go into his stump actually inspired the entire Radiant AI system.


Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri is the best example of how to properly tell a story in a 4x game.
Morrowind is cool too.


"Sid Meier's Pirates!"Any platform, any edition.