any one here like to play old school doom


old school doom is GOOD
i think i played more brutal doom than anything else in 2016


Brutal Doom is sick. The guy who made it is literally mad (in a good way).
I played it a lot in '15 and '16, in '17 I've bougt a laptop and moved and don't have a mouse anymore, so I played vanilla Doom.
Hexen was good too. Any more good shooters on Build I haven't heard about?


Doom and Doom II have a timeless intensity. The gameplay is simple yet effective, combined with the soundtrack highly derivative of 80s metal, the games always present something worth coming back to.

That being said, I find Quake I to be much more alluring, and that is what I find myself playing much more often than classic Dooms.


I have more of an affinity for Build Engine games personally. Doom 1 & 2 are classics no doubt, and I find myself playing them often. Doom 64 is great as well, be it EX or Brutal Doom 64. The one time where I actually enjoy Brutal Doom, without being disgusted. Regardless, anyone should check out Doom 64 if they haven't. The atmosphere is so tense.


I like DOOM, and I like Duke Nukem 3D, but I always wind up playing more modern shooters. also H-DOOM makes me hard