share your coolest and most interesting obscure games. i'm personally a fan of weird indie shit like Space Funeral and Crypt World. here's a nice chart of weird shit: https://img.fireden.net/v/image/1456/36/1456362451445.jpg


here is fancy BBCode link


Does Elona count? It wasn't as well-known in the past, but there have been a lot of "Elona General" threads on image boards in recent years, and this video about the game got really popular: [u]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9gOQxHX83E[/u]


wow I fucked up and wrote [u] instead of [url\] lol


@3 Yeah I would say Elona counts. I've heard of it and have always wanted to play it, though I haven't gotten to it yet. Roguelikes in general, like Cataclysm DDA and IVAN are pretty cool