What do children play these days?


And by children I don't mean you all, but like actual children: below 18 or so
My money is on Minecraft but I want to believe there's something out there that's better and still has appeal in this shite market


I would wager that they play whatever the current call of duty is. Pretty much whatever the new console AAA title is. Though minecraft would also be a contender for those without a console, but have an inexpensive pc.


On PC they play whatever big streamers are playing, usually obsessively until it's no longer popular. FNAF, PUBG, DAYZ, etc.

Source: two teen bros


Retarded and popular games, names of which usually consist of 3-4 letters. Dota, csgo, pubg, lol, dayz, etc.
The joke about inability to comprehend a title made of more than 4 letters goes here.


Robox stuff and CoD. Still Minecraft.


Minekampf? How is it still alive?


single player games never die, unless they require a server connection to play (im looking at you, diablo 3!)


Not on computers, according to Apple


People in Apple know game consoles exist!


console >>>> PC

it's a scientific fact and the existence of discord proves it


I use WINE to play Windows games and DOSBox to play DOS games on my Mac. Apple isn't the boss of me.


The scope of games children play these days isn't very broad. I'm talking younger kids, 5-11 years of age.They mostly stick to whatever is popular. Minecraft, Roblox and other easy access games. What's interesting though is that these games have a variety of gamemodes you can play. So that makes up for the lack of variety in games to some extent.
Also I took note that my younger siblings usually want to play anything their favorite youtubers are playing.
Times are different friends.



I'm pretty surprised no one answered Fortnite, cause lately, that's what kids are going gaga over.

(Or maybe, I was too late for this thread)



Fortnite is the super-popular game right now, but I've never played it. I only play mature games for mature gamers lololololol


High Five at Fredrick's


Hokey Pokey Ligature Shrub

and Bionicles


and Bionicles
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Really? Lego shouldn't have ended it to start Hero Factory.