As you get older do you feel less and less interested in games? When did it happen?
If so, do you blame it on games, yourself, or some mixture of both.

The last consoles I had were PS3 and 3DS. Games used to be my life, but now I rarely play anything, and if I do I'll just boot some emulator up on my toaster. On holidays, I may play something on an old console with my little bro.


I'm definitely less into games than before. I haven't really played a game in at least a couple years.

Games involve solving made up problems. For example, you need to rescue the princess, collect all the items, level up, get to the finish line, etc. I think the reason why people like video games is the sense of accomplishment because you think you're solving problems, but they're all made up. Now I am too preoccupied with real problems in my life to worry about made up stuff.


I'm getting used to playing games again, just when I have free time really; measured amounts of fun.

I second 2-san, I'm too busy solving real problems, but it's nice to engage with some new world every once in a while. I don't put much stock in what video game developers "write in" to their games but rather I understand and conclude from it.