For Nintendo fans, what did you think of the E3? Are you exited for anything in particular? (besides smash). Fire emblem got me hyped up! But then I saw it's for 2019... And although I'm obviously exited for the new smash, I was anxiously waiting for a new Animal Crossing and was severely disappointed when the E3 ended and they didn't even give us the slightest hint towards a new Animal Crossing. Though in general this E3 was pretty disappointing in a lot of ways. Most of the games they show'ed off weren't new (as in, they had already been announced). This E3 was like 60% smash brothers, 40% games that had already been announced and 10% actual new games.


I was also really disappointed by the lack of AC. AC is a staple series in my eye since it's been on (almost?) every console Nintendo has had. I haven't watched the Nintendo one all the way through but I haven't heard about anything (other than FE) that's got me excited. I'm not really even that excited about Smash, I don't have a Switch and don't yet have a reason to buy one based on their current lineup.


The switch looks like such a cool console.


I was mainly hoping to see AC or Prime 4, but I'm happy with Smash


What kind of new things would be in Animal Crossing?

More pitfall mechanics? More K.K. Slider songs?


moar kapp'n songs


@5 I really don't know. Maybe turn the traditional mainstreet into more like a full urban center (like City Folk tried to do (I think? I never really played it))? Maybe have the mainstreet as an urban setting which you could share with friends (as in all have access to it/it is persistent across some number of cartridges)?