Anime games, do you play them? What forms/genres do you enjoy?


I have the Love Live game on my phone. It's moderately fun & really casual. The only other games that I can think of are Touhou and Senran Kagura, never played either.


I'm currently getting into an anime-tier tcg (Force of Will) and I'm pretty pleased so far.


I've been thinking of getting into ./hack but its $30(I only have console) and I'm not sure if its worth the buy.


@[64] Everytime I've seen ./hack it's been $25+... someone really is making a killing off these games, since things like that and InuYasha, Okami, and a lot of old PS2 games are marked up extensively.
On a side note, I've really wanted to play Dynasty Warriors: Gundam


Does Final Fantasy count as anime since it has an anime adaptation?


@[65] I'm talking about the new ones. But ps2 games I've seen at swaps and craigslist are selling for dirt.
Nintendo's big series seem to hold their weight though.

Depends which one; FF1-FF6 not really, FF7+ yes. Side series are hit and miss. Really want another game by Masuno though. Let Sakaguchi do the concept, Masuno the story, Amano the art, and Uematsu the music and that would be the perfect game for Square Enix to redeem themselves.