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share your coolest and most interesting obscure games. i'm personally a fan of weird indie shit like Space Funeral and Crypt World. here's a nice chart of weird shit: https://img.fireden.net/v/image/1456/36/1456362451445.jpg


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What you think about World of Warcraft?

I like the Pet battles and PvP, but not the Raids


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As you get older do you feel less and less interested in games? When did it happen?
If so, do you blame it on games, yourself, or some mixture of both.

The last consoles I had were PS3 and 3DS. Games used to be my life, but now I rarely play anything, and if I do I'll just boot some emulator up on my toaster. On holidays, I may play something on an old console with my little bro.


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Howdy y'all, I'm gonna tell you about an indie game I played recently that I really liked, but I also want you to tell me about a game you enjoyed more than usual recently, indie or otherwise.
It was on the Humble Monthly trove awhile ago, and it stood out to me immediately, but I only got around to playing it recently. It's called Hitchhiker. TW: it is rather artsy fartsy, but I did not find it to be obnoxiously so. It's a mystery game where you are picked up by a man while hitchhiking. You know what, I'm just gonna copy what the website says about it

You’re a hitchhiker on a strange journey, unable to remember who you are or where you’re headed. Something in your recent past has stolen your memory— but what? The highway offers clues: a matchbook hidden in your armrest, a photo in the glovebox, billboards and crows along the roadside. Your driver, a farmer, wants to help you, and his personal memories and recollections provide an unexpected window into your own backstory.

So far, so good… until a chance slip-up exposes a pattern of deception, secret correspondences and cruel design. From there, the road is full of surprising turns that will challenge every assumption you’ve made along the way. To complete your journey, you’ll need to choose your friends wisely— never knowing if your worst enemy is your own subconscious mind. Hitchhiker is a game about memory, identity and loss, all along a highway where nothing is quite what it seems.


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fallout 76

well what do you guys here think about this new up coming game


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For Nintendo fans, what did you think of the E3? Are you exited for anything in particular? (besides smash). Fire emblem got me hyped up! But then I saw it's for 2019... And although I'm obviously exited for the new smash, I was anxiously waiting for a new Animal Crossing and was severely disappointed when the E3 ended and they didn't even give us the slightest hint towards a new Animal Crossing. Though in general this E3 was pretty disappointing in a lot of ways. Most of the games they show'ed off weren't new (as in, they had already been announced). This E3 was like 60% smash brothers, 40% games that had already been announced and 10% actual new games.


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A C E / / C O M B A T
<<Are you hyped yet?>>


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What's your favorite fighting game, and how good are you? It's ok to show powerlevels


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Here is the google sheet for all the games


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Anime games, do you play them? What forms/genres do you enjoy?


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tfw no GPU but wanna play minecraft


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I want to play a game with some of you soon.
We could play something on-line and multiplayer.


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Most important element: story, world, characters, or soundtrack?


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Best game ever?


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any one here like to play old school doom


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so is this about board games or video games


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well this site seems different


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What do children play these days?


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First for gaming