• Author: VxVTTu0x

How to learn Japanese
Step 1: Install Monster Hunter Rise
Step 2: Go online
Step 3: Wait for the Japanese hikis to join your quest
Step 4: ???
Step 5: Success!


  • Author: nki8XCPD

I've never been able to make a Japanese friend in my whole life and I've been on the internet for 25 years.
Are they even real?


  • Author: ipti9fmb

You have to seek them out online but I’ve only seen a considerable amount of Japanese people on video games like Monster Hunter. Must be because of the language barrier…


  • Author: xdYsTDyl

I briefly had a Japanese friend who spoke English through email, but he was an artistic communist.


  • Author: 8ZGhttk/

I made a Japanese friend through Demon's Souls of all things.


  • Author: bRTnmCq8

I'd settle for any friend, I don't care where they come from.


  • Author: EKOOp0+E

Whats ur discord? I'll add you! I don't know japanese though :/


  • Author: bRTnmCq8

The though of having to go back to Discord disgusts me.


  • Author: SCxunz0b

Discord? You want to groom him? 0_0


  • Author: EKOOp0+E

No I hope to befriend them, gain their trust, then lead them to a lonely place and then wait till the case goes cold :3