Does [Embassy] have a favorite type of tea?


southern sweet tea
might be unhealthy but it tastes really good


yeah nah, use 3/4 cup sugar to the gallon (≤ ½ as sweet as Bojangles') and high-grade loose leaf OR a mix of Luzianne™ Green tea and another 1 or 2 bags of something else for flavor.

t. Sweet Tea Snob


I like Turkish tea.
If we're counting herbal teas I've always loved peppermint. It reminds me of my grandmother. She'd put the teabag in a mug of cold water and heat them up together in the microwave then sweeten it with sweet-n-low


@4 I forgot how much I loved peppermint tea
Recently I've fallen out of drinking much of it (mostly coffee now) but I used to brew tea 24/7 in my dormitory