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僕は最近コスプレしたいとういうかんじになちゃったんだけどコスチュームとか持ってない。それにもちょっとやってみたいなーと思って、高い趣味らしいんだ。RALのコスプレ達がPRO STRATやオススメを教えてくれない?例えばネットのどこでセーラ服や他のグッズを買えるサイト


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⊂⌒ヽ            γ⌒⊃
  \ \  彡 ⌒ ミ   / /
    \ \_<(゚)д(゚)>_./ /  高添沼田どえーす 一家そろって低学歴どえーす 孫も例外なく阿呆どえーす
      \ \_∩_/ /    東京都葛飾区青戸6-26-6に住んどりマッスル
      /(  (::)(::)  )\    盗聴盗撮つきまとい嫌がらせの犯罪をしておりマッスル
    ⊂_/ ヽ_,*、_ノ \_⊃      くれぐれも警察に密告しないでくらはい お願いしまふ
 ̄][ ̄ ̄]            [ ̄ ̄][ ̄
 ̄ ̄][ ̄]            [ ̄][ ̄ ̄
 ̄][ ̄ ̄]            [ ̄ ̄][ ̄
 ̄ ̄][ ̄]            [ ̄][ ̄ ̄
 ̄][ ̄ ̄]            [ ̄ ̄][ ̄


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adakah warga indonesia disini? (bahasa only thread)


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Who here into other cultures than Japanese? I love slice-of-like comedy, animist religious ceremonies, and delicious vittles as much as the next guy, but I'm more of a Oui-aboo and Russophile myself.
Do you know any other languages? (French Adv.mid/high, and Russian Intermediate mid here).


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Anybody here into 茶? Tea has been a hobby of mine for about two years now. What do you like to drink? Personally, nothing beats a high quality dragonwell or tie guan yin.


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Does your native language need an IME? Fuck IMEs!


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Has anyone here every started or joined a micronation?
Would you like to?

Please, discuss in the comments.


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"I LOVE SUSHI!" exclaimed the woman in the thick-rimmed glasses.
"Ah, excellent," Kobayashi thought contentedly to himself, "they are enjoying themselves."
"I love Japan, period" said the middle-aged man in the blue shirt, slight southern drawl lending a down-home earthiness to his earnest proclamation.
"Oh my, it is such a joy to have such enthusiastic customers!" Kobayashi said to himself, beaming with pride at the delight he had brought to his customers. It was an idyllic day in Kobayashi's small sushi shop. But then things took a turn for the worst. "J-ROCK!" screeched a greasy-haired delinquent, quite possibly high on something.
"Oh my, someone should be watching over that poor child," Kobayashi thought to himself. But, before he could finish that thought, a rotund man burst forth from the masses, the make-up on his face still smeared across his fleshy visage.
"GIRUGAMESH!" the horrifying painted man exclaims, stabbing the air vehemtly with two massive, pudgy digits.

"What has begun here is something terrible," Kobayashi thinks to himself, rooted in place by equal parts fear, and morbid fascination.
"I LOVE ANIME!" shrieks a curiously toupee'd customer, the disparity of voice and adornment calling into question the beast's gender. "AND MANGA" yells the man-lady's back-quatto, the horrifying extra upper torso protruding from the hermaphrodite's back, malign intent dancing across his/her eyes. Kobayashi is speechless at the spectacle unfolding before him.
"AND GAYMEN!" an infernal scarecrow man drunkenly spews forth, every diabolical syllable dripping from his tongue an affront to sanity and dignity


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[Tokyo] was changed to [Embassy]... I hope we can entertain a wide variety of cultures and languages here from now on!


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This board is currently pretty empty so I suppose a little advertising couldn't hurt. If you need some item of merchandise from Japan, my friend at https://superfuzzintermational.tumblr.com/ can help.


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How do you learn? I do anki all day and I feel like a fucking loser for it


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Foonev high kin serampan nigh rosokoo