• Author: gfyvHr70

It's May already! And the site is still inactive, as always (;﹏;)


  • Author: tFEUIkn9

this site is so pretty, but also dead


  • Author: i7P0sxFK

It's a vanity project. In 2022. We don't deserve niceties like this.


  • Author: nH4tD7T3

We do. It's a nice change of scenery from the centralized Internet we all know so well. If only there were more sites like this!


  • Author: Tf83zReR

Problem isn't necessarily the lack of interesting sites hidden out there; it's the fact that they're not getting new users anymore. Guess the majority of people, including the interesting and curious ones, get sucked in to black holes like Discord, Twitter, etc.
Oh well, the dream will always remain alive in my heart.


  • Author: 6TTjLhdJ

I think it's simply that most people online literally don't know sites like this exist. Most people or Reddit or Discord have never hear of anything outside of social media except maybe 4chan or kiwi farms.


  • Author: i7P0sxFK

Most people aren't cool enough for sites like this.